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Advertising and marketing 

Wunderman / Marketing Lab / CRM

Operational Start-up / Established Board of Advisors 

CRM Cockpit for Automotive Industry Clients

International Presentations Digital Marketing

Thought Leadership Digital Marketing

paul evans

Lester wunderman

malcolm gladwell

The Marketing Lab developed and disseminated thought leadership on the future of digital automakers (see abstract below), interactive TV, longitudinal contract strategy, CRM diagnostics and applications, electronic consumers, and conducted seminars and breakfast meetings in NYC for clients and called on clients at their locale for presentations.

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thought leadership

Kearney International Consulting 

Playavista Investment Analysis 

German High Tech Firm US Market Entry Assistance

Technology Thought Leader / CEO Executive Agenda

Hi-tech Transformational Consulting Model

Early Stage Investment Analysis for German high tech company USA market entry and anchor tenant status in Playavista project in Los Angeles, California

Project in keeping with the spirit of former landowner Howard Hughes’ historic concept. Hughes transformed Playavista area into a breeding ground for aeronautic innovation and today that innovation is in technology, media and other creative fields. 

First Internet thought leadership to be published by leading management consulting firm

ibm multiMedia

IBM Fireworks Partners Portfolio Venture Company

CEO/General Manager IBM's Digital Studio (MMPS)

Joint Venture with Sony Corporation

Multinational Content Publishing Partnerships

IBM's digital studio (MMPS) was an an IBM Fireworks Partners portfolio venture company. It started as a spin-off of IBM's Educational Systems division.   The studio developed and marketed software products that combined numerous elements—video and broadcasting, print and publishing, and computers—into a single technology. The resulting interactive packages and compact discs were sold to business and education industry sectors and were marketed at retail entertainment venues.

IBM's Ulysses prototype was the first interactive multimedia program on the classics. The demonstration was shown at TED 3 (Monterey, California) and TED 4 (Kobe, Japan) and set the stage for IBM's Illuminated Books and Manuscripts. 

Another early IBM prototype was based on the Japanese classic movie, RAN, and was shown in the fall of 1990 at the first International Multimedia Festival in Tokyo, Japan and established design requirements for IBM's Columbus: Encounter, Discovery and Beyond.

The first of IBM's multimedia educational programs to be published was designed for classroom use and included tools for teachers and students to create their own interactive projects.  Five text-based formats illuminated with other media included: a poem (Ulysses), a letter (a Letter From Birmingham Jail), a play (Hamlet),  a document (The Bill of Rights); and, a biography (Black Elk Speaks).

The video, text, graphics and audio libraries included with the poetry program provided an in-depth perspective on Alfred Lord Tennyson's immortal poem on the Greek mythological hero. The accompanying tools can be used by teachers and students to "illuminate" other poetry as well.

"The Letter from Birmingham Jail" contains civil rights reflections written by Dr. Martin Luther King while confined to the Birmingham City Jail. Multimedia commentary is provided by Civil Rights leaders including Ambassador Andrew Young.

"Hamlet" is a multimedia study of Shakespeare's classic play, including modern-day perspectives and interpretations of the work. Literary scholars provide points of view on the value of the work in contemporary society.

The "Bill of Rights"  is illuminated by video, text, graphics and audio libraries through text interpretation, scholarly interviews, and historical records analysis. The work is examined with media examples that support or challenge the text.

"Black Elk Speaks" is a multimedia program based on the biography of Black Elk, the Sioux Indian who shared with poet John J. Neihardt, his story of Native American struggles, conflict and loss in effort to preserve Native American religion and the sacred Ghost Dance.

The Columbus multimedia program examines exploration from Columbus' voyage to the moon landing and how these events affected the world today.

The first of the Multimedia Publishing Studio's large interactive knowledge systems Columbus was designed for classroom use and contains some 180 interactive hours of multimedia content.

The Columbus program combines text, photographs, music, sound, film, and video. Rights were acquired for the use of historical documents, images, film, video and audio materials. Columbus's 14th generation grand daughter and her mother were interviewed reading Columbus's original Diary of his voyage, in Spanish and English.

Paul Rand acclaimed American art director and graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs, including the logos for IBM, designed the documentation and support materials for the Columbus Multimedia program.

Evolution/Revolution using the search and retrieval capabilities found in the Columbus program allows students and teachers to examine the time period between 1890 and 1930 from the perspectives of art, history, science and government.

CD ROM Publishing and Marketing

The Multimedia Publishing Studio entered the consumer titles business with the Sony Corporation Joint Venture and multiple CD Rom titles for Sony's CD ROM XA player

IBM Personal Computer 

IBM PC Development and Product Launch Team in Boca Raton, FL

Education Market Entry Plan/Execution for IBM PC

National Research / Evaluation of PC Educational Programs with Educational Testing Service and Board of Advisors -"Writing to Read"

IBM Educational Systems Launch Team 

IBM PC South African Project 

IBM Anchor Tenant Assessment Future World - Science and Invention Pavilion at The Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow (EPCOT) 

The IBM Personal Computer, the first microcomputer released in the IBM PC model line was the basis for the IBM PC compatible de facto standard. Released on August 12, 1981, it was created by a team of engineers and designers directed by Don Estridge in Boca Raton, Florida. 

The IBM Personal Computer, designed for business, school and home, sold for $1,565.

Shown above starting on the far right: Dr. William Turnbull, President ETS; Dr. Ernest Boyer US Commissioner of Education; Dr. Jean Chall Harvard University seminal researcher on the developmental stages of reading: and. above, Dr. Kenneth Clark psychologist, educator, and social activist.  His research, in particular his  "doll study,” was crucial to the desegregation of public schools. Shown on the far right, Dr. Paul Evans was responsible for IBM's entry into the education marketplace with the IBM PC and related educational software.

IBM's Writing to Read was proven to be highly effective in teaching pre-school and first grade children how to read. The program was shown to be effective with children across socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

IBM Market Entry to Schools

Board of Advisors

Dr. Paul Evans IBM

Dr. Bill Turnbull ETS

Dr. Jean Chall Harvard

Dr. Ernest Boyer US Commissioner of Education

Dr. Kenneth Clark Leader Civil Rights Movement, City College of New York, President American Psychological Association

Federal government

Policy analysis, planning and data analysis for science and technology federal policy adoption and funding for NSF. Published book on needs of pre-college science and mathematics education and presented results to National Science Board for adoption and presentation to Congress. Authored: NSF DATABOOK; Contributor: Global 2000 Report to the President; Peer Review Hosting and Research Monitoring; Policy Development 

State Government

State Coordinator of Psychological Services

Least Restrictive Alternatives Educational Services

Statistical and Clinical Assessment Options,  Instrument Design,  Practitioner Surveys, General Health and Wellness Assessments,  Policy Development 

Formulated operational definitions, authored and published guidelines for State compliance with PL 94-142 and PL 93-380 --presented to the General Assembly and passed into law for Federal funding and policy adoption

Current research 

Current interest involves AI systems research.

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